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Top 3 National Parks right on Beachcomber Coconut’s doorstep.

With so much natural beauty surrounding BIG4 Beachcomber Coconut Holiday Park make sure you don't miss stopping by one of these fantastic National Parks, located within 30 minutes.

Visit Dunk Island & The Family Islands

Dunk Island and the Family Islands National Park.

A stones throw from Beachcomber Coconut, Dunk Island and the Family Islands National Park are a must-visit during your stay at the park. The islands offer the opportunity to explore the beauty of the unique tropical landscape, uncover the secluded beaches, and marvel at the hilly, rocky shores. Explore the islands either on one of the many walking tracks, snorkel or swim the shoreline reefs, or explore the islands on board a boat.

Walk: Muggy Muggy Beach.

Winding through a stunning combination of mangroves, rainforest, coastal woodlands and finally arriving a Muggy Muggy beach, this 3km return walk is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Finish it off with a dip in the bay before making your way back the same way you came.

Distance from Beachcomber Coconut: 10 minute boat ride.

Tully Gorge National Park

Tully Gorge National Park is split into two sections, with the closest section to Beachcomber Coconut, the Tully section. Why not take a picnic lunch for a day of fun exploring the butterfly walk. It’s an easy circuit that is famed for its beautiful butterflies, or head to the closer picnic area at Alligators Nest. Located beside two beautiful, crystal clear aqua creeks, it’s a popular swimming spot. Rest assured though, the chance of meeting an alligator here is slim, the spot was named after the local scout group of the same name who were using the area for their swim meets.

Swim: Alligator Nest

Distance from Beachcomber Coconut: 24 minute drive.

Djiru National Park

Home to the rare Licuala fan palm, stroll beneath the canopy of these bright green, patterned palms, as you keep an eye out for the resident cassowaries. There’s an information shelter where you can read up on these fascinating animals before you head out, and remember to be cass-o-wary.

Spot Local Flora & Fauna: Licuala Palm & Southern Cassowary

Distance from Beachcomber Coconut: 16 minute drive.

Southern Cassowary

Posted on: 14th April 2021